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Electroporation procedures, including Irreversible Electroporation – IRE – also known as NanoKnife – as the best known procedure, are changing the treatment of cancer. While conventional, surgical and radiotherapeutic therapies are associated with massive side effects such as impotence and incontinence, especially in prostate cancer, these can be largely avoided with electroporation procedures.

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NanoKnife – IRE

IRE NanoKnife Technology

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Electroporation – IRE

The NanoKnife™ process

The NanoKnife tissue ablation procedure is a novel therapy that uses Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) to destroy cells. The surrounding tissue is not injured in the process. Prostate cancer can be treated for the first time with this method in such a way that continence is preserved and there is only a low risk of impotence. In addition, the NanoKnife procedure has a very low likelihood of pain or scarring.

The VITUS Private Clinic

Pioneer in the development and clinical application of electroporation techniques

Here at VITUS, we are proud of the pioneering work we have done with the NanoKnife process. We are among the world’s leading experts in the use of IRE in the treatment of prostate cancer.

Through our close collaboration with the inventor of IRE for medical purposes, Prof. Boris Rubinsky of the University of Berkeley in the USA, we have had the opportunity to study and understand IRE at all stages of development, from laboratory to animal studies to human application. Our physicists and physicians are thus among the pioneers and world’s leading experts in electroporation processes – both in the scientific-technical field and in clinical use.

The NanoKnife Therapy

Avoid impotence and incontinence with high efficacy

While modern, gentle treatments have long since become established in other areas of medicine, they are still a long time coming in urology. For breast cancer, the entire breast has not been amputated for a long time, but the tumor is removed focally. In renal cell carcinoma, if possible, not the entire kidney is removed, but only the tumor – the healthy part of the kidney is preserved. The prostate is still removed “radically”, i.e. completely, in most cases unnecessarily.

This has changed since the successful introduction of Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) for the treatment of prostate cancer. With IRE, prostate cancer can be focally destroyed, with a lower likelihood of side effects. With comparable efficacy to radical prostatectomy.