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The team of the VITUS Private Clinic consists of recognized experts, starting with Prof. Dr. Michael K. Stehling, one of the world’s leading specialists, in the field of prostate cancer therapy.

In addition, our multilingual nursing staff will be at your side for the duration of your treatment to ensure you have a comfortable stay.

Our patient management, which is also multilingual, takes care of the organization of your treatment in the VITUS Private Clinic. Contact us: we will help you with all questions concerning your treatment.

Prof. Dr. Michael K. Stehling

Prof. Dr. Mult. Michael K. Stehling

Director and founder

University Professor of Radiology, Jerusalem University (AQU),
fmr. Fellow Harvard Medical School and Associate Professor of Radiology, Boston

Dr. med. Rachid El Idrissi

Senior Urologist
Specialist in Urology and Pediatric Urology

Specialist in Radiation Protection
Specialist in Radiation Protection
Abdominal Sonography DEGUM
Specialist Training in Emergency Medicine/Emergency Doctor

Sarah Sabow | Specialist in General Medicine

Sarah Sabow

Specialist for general medicine

Study of human medicine at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University

Assistant physician Sana Klinikum Offenbach – Gastroenterology
Assistant physician Main-Taunus-Klinikum Bad Soden – Cardiology
Resident Ketteler Hospital – Gastroenterology/Oncology
Assistant physician, Hanau Clinic – Oncology/Hematology, ZNA, IMC and Gastroenterology
Doctor in advanced training in general medicine – Practice Kai Götte, Friedrichsdorf
Specialist for general medicine – Practice Kai Götte, Friedrichsdorf

Dr. med. Markus Sens


Justus Liebig University Hospital Giessen – Radiology
Neurosurgical Clinic and Polyclinic JGU Mainz – Radiology
German Clinic for Diagnostics Wiesbaden – Magnetic resonance imaging

Dr. med. Jürgen Arnhold

Specialist in urology, drug-based tumor therapy, complementary cancer therapy and photodynamic therapy/laser applications

Your care team

Ashleigh Fürst

Management Nursing Team

“Every patient is different. It’s important to me to take everyone’s individual wishes and needs seriously and meet them.”

Laiz Azevedo

Lais Azevedo


“Our team likes to look at the patient holistically and universally. So we respect the needs, the culture and the different aspects of our patients.”



“I am happy that at Vitus Private Clinic we can provide our patients with more than just standard care. It makes them and us feel good.”

Your patient management

Charlotte Hohn

Charlotte Hohn

International contacts & cooperation
External corporate communications

“Vitus Private Clinic is a world leader in IRE therapy for prostate cancer. As a result, we also have many international patients, contacts and collaborations. That makes the work here incredibly exciting and varied.”

Alexandra Osei-Bonsu

Head of Patient Care Management

“Patients sometimes need more than excellent medical treatment and care. I’m pleased to be able to help provide them with that more at Vitus Private Clinic.”

Dr. Mara Stevanovic

Dr. Mara Stevanovic

Patient Care Manager

“Our common mission is to offer patients a gentle therapy that is individually tailored to them with the good prospect of preserving their quality of life. For our entire team, the expectations and wishes of our patients come first and foremost.”

Faiqa Ahmad

Faiqa Ahmad

Patient Care Manager

“Health is a person’s most important asset. That’s why at Vitus Privatklinik we do everything we can to give you this asset again.”


Patient Care Manager

“Being healthy is a particularly important piece of quality of life. I am proud that we at Vitus Private Clinic, with the most modern methods such as NanoKnife therapy, contribute every day to giving our patients back more of this quality of life.”


Ashleigh Fürst


Fabienne Fischer


Helmuth Hahn-Klimroth

Senior Vice President