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Diagnose prostate cancer more accurately.

MRI can be used to diagnose prostate cancer non-invasively, painlessly and accurately.

Precise diagnostics are the basis for new and targeted prostate cancer therapies with minimal side effects.

A new approach

If prostate cancer is suspected, usually because of elevated PSA levels, the next step classically recommended is a transrectal punch biopsy. However, this only provides the correct diagnosis in 30 to 35 percent of cases. That’s not good enough for us. And not for you either.

That is why at VITUS PRIVATKLINIK we use the most modern methods: MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) as well as MRI-planned and transperineal 3D mapping biopsy. These diagnostic methods detect prostate cancer with 85 to 100 percent accuracy. This allows us to avoid unnecessary invasive procedures.

The classic method

A standard prostate cancer biopsy will only detect prostate cancer if it happens to be in one of the areas from which samples are taken. If no cancer is found but the PSA level rises again, another biopsy is performed, and so on until the tumor is found by chance or is large enough to be detected by punch biopsy.

This type of transrectal biopsy also runs the risk of underestimating the extent of the cancer. In addition, infection can always occur with such invasive procedures.

Precise diagnostics

Metastasis search

Precision Biopsy

Prostate MRI

The alternative treatment for prostate cancer

Vitus offers you the latest options for treating prostate cancer.

We remove the cancer, not the prostate.

NanoKnife – A revolution in the treatment of prostate cancer

Once prostate cancer has been diagnosed, patients are often faced with a choice: Either the prostate is surgically removed or treated with radiation therapy. At the same time, those affected often do not know all the facts about possible side effects and the actual risks associated with the treatment or its benefits.

Our most important message is this: Don’t be rushed or pressured. Prostate cancer often progresses slowly. In any case, you will have plenty of time to learn about all the treatments for prostate cancer. In addition, classic “radical” therapy (surgery and/or radiation treatment) for low-grade prostate cancer extends life expectancy only slightly – it is probably the same for high-grade prostate cancer. Thus, the classic treatment can lead to serious side effects: Impotence in up to 70 percent of cases, incontinence in 20 to 50 percent of patients.

At the VITUS PRIVATKLINIK, you will receive a precisely targeted NanoKnife therapy for prostate cancer, which also significantly reduces undesirable side effects.

Gentle treatments for prostate cancer


IRE | ECT and immunotherapy

Photodynamic therapy

Do you have problems urinating?

Water Vapour for Benign Enlargement of the Prostate

This new treatment method uses steam to gently reduce the size of the prostate.
Unpleasant side effects, such as incontinence or impotence, can thus usually be avoided.

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