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Over 1500 successful IRE NanoKnife treatments for prostate cancer

Irreversible electroporation (IRE – NanoKnife)

The first truly nerve-sparing and function-preserving treatment for prostate cancer

Unlike other treatment methods, NanoKnife directly targets tumor cells and preserves healthy tissue infrastructures in the prostate area.

IRE treatment for prostate cancer usually takes less than two hours, not weeks or months. Just one day after treatment, you can return to the activities you love, pain-free. The nerve-sparing treatment largely* avoids the usual permanent side effects such as incontinence or impotence.

IRE (NanoKnife) is a new technology, especially for use in prostate cancer. According to data to date, IRE is as effective as conventional treatments in treating prostate cancer: radical prostatectomy (surgery) and radiation therapy. Notably, however, NanoKnife treatment keeps all avenues open for future treatment, unlike radical surgery.

Hier in der VITUS Privatklinik finden Sie die führenden Experten für die IRE-Behandlung (NanoKnife-Therapie) bei Prostatakrebs. We have already successfully treated over 1500 men.

* Urinary incontinence, as it is called, is the lack or inability of the body to safely store and self-directly empty the contents of the bladder. This leads to involuntary loss of urine. While there are several possible definitions of incontinence, a long-term study of incontinence after prostatectomy** concludes that a reasonable definition of incontinence is when a patient requires 2 or more pads per day 12 months after prostate surgery.

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Prostate cancer: Cure through surgery?
Do you know the “Number Needed to Treat”?

For prostate cancer, removal of the prostate (radical prostatectomy – RPE) is considered “curative” – curative. So men assume that you are “cured” after the operation. Is that really so? The “Number Needed to Treat – NNT” provides information. It describes the effectiveness of a treatment. For prostate removal, the NNT is151 in most cases. This means that out of 15 operated men, only one (!) man lives longer than men who did not have their prostate removed. The remaining 14 men live exactly the same length of time after RPE as men who were not treated at all. Thus, RPE confers a survival benefit on one in 15 men, and 14 in 15 men experience only the disadvantages of surgery, such as impotence and incontinence, with no survival benefit.

Read this and more in the S3 guideline on prostate cancer from the German Society for Urology 2021 and ask your urologist – or let us advise you on the alternatives to radical prostatectomy

1 Men older than 65 years: NNT = 15; men younger than 65 years: NNT = 7; for low- or intermediate-grade prostate cancer.
2 S3 Guideline Prostate Cancer of the German Society of Urology 2021

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IRE explained in detail

Watch this clip for important information about IRE and a comprehensive overview of alternative therapies.

At the VITUS PRIVATKLINIK, we provide you with comprehensive information about all treatment options for prostate cancer and also inform you about possible alternatives.

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