The private clinic


Our concept

When choosing a clinic, patients have access to the medical expertise and services of experienced specialists in their respective fields.

In the field of pain therapy, we have currently specialised in the complete spectrum of
radiofrequency therapy including denervations.

Furthermore, we have expanded our range of services to include surgical interventions
in the field of urology. urology after the granting of a licence.

The respective treatment concept is individually tailored to the patient.

Furthermore, our medical experts include specialists in urology, internal medicine, anesthesiology, interventional radiology, and others.

The most modern medical technology is always used in the VITUS Private Clinic. In this way, we ensure that we can offer you the best possible treatment at all times.

In addition to the medical services, as a patient of the VITUS Private Clinic you will benefit from our equipment and additional services.

Personalized care by registered nurses and excellent catering will support your recovery and contribute to your well-being.

The special quality of the clinic

The VITUS Privatklinik Prof. Dr. Stehling GmbH is a private clinic with a license according to § 30 Gewerbeordnung. The clinic has a total of eight beds with a worldwide demand of private patients or self-pay patients.

Comprehensive and high-quality medical care for our patients at the highest scientific level is the primary goal of our daily activities. You will receive well-founded and detailed diagnoses, successfully tested therapy concepts, modern medical technology and competent physicians who work at the highest medical level.

It is a great concern of all employees of the VITUS PRIVATKLINIK to meet your demands as a patient comprehensively.

For this reason, we also appreciate your feedback in our constant effort to meet the high quality standards and to continue to improve.

Take the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire provided for you after your discharge from our clinic and make it available to us.

The respective treatment concept is individually tailored to the patient.

Our mission statement

The mission statement of the VITUS Privatklinik always focuses on the well-being of our patients.

The VITUS Private Clinic is basically open to all people who want additional service to first-class medical care. The costs incurred on a per case basis are generally covered in the following cases:

Our staff is fluent in English and other languages are also spoken within the team. During your entire treatment, including the preparation and follow-up of your stay in the clinic, you will be supported by our international patient management team in all organizational matters.

About Us

VITUS – World Leader in IRE Therapy for Prostate Cancer

The VITUS PRIVATE CLINIC was founded in 2011 as the VITUS PROSTATA CENTER. It is part of an alliance with other clinics in Austria and the USA that specialize in the gentle treatment of prostate cancer. The main focus is on the NanoKnife process. Here, the VITUS PRIVATKLINIK has done pioneering work and, with its founder Prof. Dr. mult. Michael K. Stehling, has developed into the world’s leading competence center in this field.

Prof. Stehling and his team have already successfully treated over 1,500 patients with prostate cancer using the NanoKnife procedure. Great advantage of this method: it uses IRE (Irreversible Electroporation) to selectively destroy affected cells. This means that the surrounding tissue is not injured. Prostate cancer can thus be treated for the first time in such a way that continence is preserved and there is only a low risk of impotence. In addition, the NanoKnife procedure causes neither pain nor scars.

You can read the stories of some of our patients for yourself. To do so, simply scroll to the very bottom of this page.

1500+ NanoKnife Treatmens
90%+ potency retention rate
100% continence preservation rate

Together we work to always achieve the best possible result for you.

Note for our patients

The costs incurred on a per case basis are generally covered in the following cases: