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VITUS – World Leader in IRE Therapy for Prostate Cancer

The VITUS PRIVATE CLINIC was founded in 2011 as the VITUS PROSTATA CENTER. It is part of an alliance with other clinics in Austria and the USA that specialize in the gentle treatment of prostate cancer. The main focus is on the NanoKnife process. Here, the VITUS PRIVATKLINIK has done pioneering work and, with its founder Prof. Dr. mult. Michael K. Stehling, has developed into the world’s leading competence center in this field.

Prof. Stehling and his team have already successfully treated over 1,400 patients with prostate cancer using the NanoKnife procedure. Great advantage of this method: it uses IRE (Irreversible Electroporation) to selectively destroy affected cells. This means that the surrounding tissue is not injured. Prostate cancer can thus be treated for the first time in such a way that continence is preserved and there is only a low risk of impotence. In addition, the NanoKnife procedure causes neither pain nor scars.

You can read the stories of some of our patients for yourself. To do so, simply scroll to the very bottom of this page.

1400+ NanoKnife treatments
90%+ potency retention rate
100% continence preservation rate

We have expanded our treatment spectrum to include the therapy of intervertebral disc and spinal diseases. Here, too, we use the most modern and gentle procedures whenever possible in order to get our patients quickly free of symptoms and fit for everyday life. With Dr. med. Ralf Wagner, we have an experienced expert in our team for, among other things, endoscopic disc surgery using the TESSYS method.

Together we work to always achieve the best possible result for you.

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