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Rezum™plus therapy

Rezum™ therapy

Rezum™ is a new treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia

Rezum™ is a new treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which causes problems with urination.

Rezum™ uses water vapor to destroy the prostate tissue that constricts the urethra within the prostate (intraprostatic urethra).

Until now, the treatment of prostate enlargement was performed with ablation of the tissue using an electric loop or laser. These procedures destroy the intraprostatic urethra and usually result in loss of ejaculatory ability. In addition, there is a risk of incontinence with injury to the inferior bladder sphincter, which is located below the prostate and extends into the apical (lower) portions of the prostate.

With Rezum™ treatment, these side effects can usually be avoided. However, in most urological centers, Rezum™ treatment is guided purely by endoscopy: this means that only the urethra within the prostate is visible, not the prostate tissue itself and therefore not the exact localization of the treatment zone.

Rezum™plusTherapy at the VITUS Private Clinic Offenbach

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Rezum™-Plus in the

Exclusion of prostate cancer, optimized treatment planning and real-time imaging of ablation.

At VITUS Private Clinic, we have therefore further developed the Rezum™ treatment.

Reliable exclusion of prostate cancer:
Since many patients with prostate enlargement have an elevated PSA (prostate specific antigen) level, the presence of prostate cancer must be ruled out before Rezum™ treatment. This can be done non-invasively and with a high degree of certainty with a special multiparametric MRI examination of the prostate (magnetic resonance imaging). If prostate MRI is negative, clinically relevant prostate cancer can be excluded with greater than 90% confidence.

Optimized treatment planning:
The same prostate MRI provides a high-resolution image of the entire anatomy of the prostate. This allows the enlarged zone of the prostate (transitional zone) to be measured in 3D and its location precisely localized in relation to important anatomical structures such as the bladder sphincter, bladder floor and upper bladder sphincter (bladder neck) as well as the ductus ejaculatorii and colliculus seminalis – structures that are essential for ejaculation and therefore must not be destroyed. The exact localization of the water vapor ablation zones can thus be planned on the computer even before the Rezum™ treatment.

Real-time control of the Rezum™ treatment:
The actual Rezum™ treatment is then controlled in real time with millimeter precision using an ultrasound transducer in the rectum. This means that prostate enlargements that were previously difficult or impossible to treat with an increased risk of side effects can now be treated precisely and safely.

Control of the treatment success and exclusion of complications:
On the day after the Rezum™plus treatment, the success of the treatment can be documented through an MRI scan and side effects can be excluded so that the treated patient can be discharged home without risk.